Why Saltwater & Sunday mornings are bringing Women together.

Community Series - The Albert St Gang 

I have never been one for cold water. In fact, the thought of getting into the ocean at 8am on a Sunday morning made me pull the sheets up on my bed just a little bit more. 

One day, I was scrolling through my phone when I came across this video from ABC News Australia about a group (called the 'Albert St Gang') of Mum's surfing out at Turners Beach (North West Coast of Tasmania). You can read the article here 

At the time I was living in Penguin which is about a 10 minute drive to Turners Beach - where the 'Albert St Gang' was formed. Whilst I was cuddled up in bed, this amazing group of women were out catching the lazy waves that rolled in on a Sunday morning.

When I first started Salty South, I wanted to make sure that I gave back to the  community or paid it forward for the people around me, in the hopes that the business would bring a positive change to people's lives one way or another.

That weekend, I headed down to the Beach at 8am after getting in-touch with Emily, one of the founding members. I roped in two of the girls from work and was firmly told that there were 'plenty of wetsuits and boards for everyone'. At first I thought - "I am just going to pop down and take a couple of photos, have a chat with Emily and Nat (another founding member) and go from there"...

Boy was I wrong... and I am so glad I was wrong. 

Within 10 minutes we had boards in our hands, wetsuits over our shoulders and we were heading down to the beach. And so it began... the start of the Sunday morning ritual. 

What once was a group of 10-15 Women, soon became 40-50 people, families, dogs, husbands, partners, you name it. 

It became saltwater therapy. It became the best part of the week. The smiles, the laughs, the encouragement... Heck, even the days where we went down to the beach in miserable weather, took one look at the waves, laughed and said 'not today'.

I have never felt so welcomed and so thankful to have come across a group of people like these lovely people and I am so grateful to have been a part of it for a short period of time. 

Like I said about giving back, as you can imagine, the group has grown since I started last year, and it's grown quickly. Salty South is planning to give back by creating a t-shirt collaboration to support 'The Sunday Session'. A percentage of profits will be given straight to the group to do whatever they please with to continue spreading the good vibes in the community.

More details to come very soon! 

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